exploratory data analysis

Density plot with ggplot2

Density Plot Multiple density plots Multiple density plots using facets Stacked density plot Pooling histogram and density plots Density Plot A density plot is a representation of the distribution of a continuous variable.

Box plot with ggplot2

Box Plot Grouped box plot Notched box plot Box plot with continuos variable Box plot with computation Box Plot It is used to know the distribution of the continuous variable vary with the levels of the categorical data.

Histogram and frequency polygon with ggplot2

Introduction Histogram Histogram with normal density curve Frequency polygon Comparison of distribution Introduction Histogram and frequency polygon are very useful graphics to have an idea about the distribution of a continuous variable.

Bar chart with ggplot2

Bar chart Stacked bar chart Note Bar chart A bar chart is used to present categorical data with rectangular bars. In a bar chart, the height of the rectangular bars is proportional to the number of cases in each group.